Rhenus B, C

The Rhenus C/B – Every trumpet maker needs a true classic instrument in its portfolio. With Galileo it was time to give our new Rhenus trumpet line increased attention and undertake a complete ground up transformation with a clean slate. It’s not always easy to enrich the traditional appearance and established sound concepts of vintage trumpets with fresh influences and insights, but we think we have achieved these goals.

Players expressed again and again their desire for the Rhenus to combine the great intonation and incredible response of a Galileo with the wonderfully colored sound that goes to the core of established vintage models. It should be a modern classic, not another boring colorless mainstream trumpet.

Right from the start we at Galileo knew this was a big challenge. Each component was critically examined. The components passing our demanding trials and tests have been selected incorporating designs and inspirations from many influences and were integrated as harmoniously as possible.

It’s no secret that with a great trumpet, not only the components but the overall concept is of crucial importance. It was developed, tweaked, measured, and tested until the result elicited a broad grin from everyone involved. Since this is a completely new model and not just a facelift, we had to give it a new name. Rhenus - Latin for the Rhine – naturally provided the ideal symbolism. Basel is a city on the Rhine, bisected by the great river that rises in Switzerland and is a connecting element to the heart of Europe, sometimes dynamically bubbling, sometimes majestically flowing, constantly in motion.




A trumpet with a universal field of application, focus on orchestral work
Multi-faceted tone with pronounced core
Full color sound spectrum and easy high range in every dynamic
Controlled feel through easy response and good spacing out of the notes
Excellent intonation and balanced centering throughout the range
The position of the center of gravity creates a pleasant balance and comfortable handling
Standard brass valve section with stainless steel valves
MAW valves optional
ML Bore: 11.7 mm
Reversed leadpipe
Brass slides made of turned material with beading
Brass slides
Brass bell 0.55 mm
Bell diameter 122 mm
Mainz beading
Piston heads with mother-of-pearl insert
Heavy lid
Finish of polished brass, laquered, matte lacquered, silver or gold plating, brushed gold plating
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